Our desire is to Creatively Reach Generations, Courageously Follow Jesus, and Build His Church.

Our story is told through the lives of people experiencing the Gospel of Christ. We believe faith, hope and love is the atmosphere that generations are attracted to—filled with great worship, the presence of God, a vision for life, genuine community, and Christ focused preaching.

At Our Core

We have several core values at C3 that drive our culture and vision.

Starting With Jesus

It all starts with Jesus and His work on the cross. We build everything on the power of His name.

What We See

Our heart is for the story of Christ to continue through your story.

The Vision & Values


Our story continues in Grapevine, TX at our new location, the Creative Arts Center at Grapevine Faith Christian High School. We meet every week at 10:30am at 729 E Dallas Rd. We’d love to meet ya!

Our Sunday services are held at Grapevine Faith Christian School in the Creative Arts Center. Our service starts at 10:30am, but come early for great coffee and people…never too early for a party.
Let’s boil this down to a few words…celebration, community, creativity. God is vibrant, creative, and powerful. His presence brings a sense of joy, excitement, and a fullness of spirit. This understanding of God is reflected in the enthusiastic, passionate, and upbeat nature of our worship experiences, kids programs, and pre and post service community.


Our Pastors

Brandon & Meredith Cole

Brandon and Meredith stepped in as Senior Pastors in January of 2011 where they had been youth pastors for ten years. Brandon’s parents, Paul and Judi Cole, planted the church. Born and raised in the D/FW Metroplex they LOVE this city and what God is doing in it through this church, and while being known to occasionally flirt with the west coast, they believe this is where God has them planted for an amazing ride reaching an amazing metroplex. They have a heart to see God’s word expressed creatively, for people to follow Christ courageously, to build the church and raise up the generations.

Connect with Brandon

Connect with Meredith

  • There was never a time that we felt like we didn’t fit in or that we didn’t have something to contribute – C3 brought out the absolute best in us!

    Jill Plentl
  • My family’s story has changed completely since walking in the door. I’ve never had a church I could call home and be so involved in.

    David Sinquefield
  • Then, doing something that we thought was right turned into doing something that we loved and we were excited to be at church regularly. C3 is now a part of who we are as people and as followers of Christ.

    Vicky Homsombath
  •  The 1st time I came, being a big music head, I was instantly drawn in by the worship team; They were awesome. Then from there, I noticed how friendly, inviting and real the rest of the church family was. After taking all of that in within the first 15 minutes I had the pleasure of hearing Pastor Brandon preach. The way I was able to connect and understand the message that day is something I will never forget. 

    Kevin Godbold
  • The best part of our story started when one of my best friends, who came to a connect group, ended up bringing her family on a Sunday morning.  Our children are now married and are the youth pastors.  We are seeing the lives of friends transformed by the power of God. 

    Rhonda Revels

Church for the Generations

Babies & Toddlers

We have an amazing and caring team ready to make church one of your child’s favorite places to be and allow you to enjoy church as a famly.


The C3 Kids Team love kids, and are fully committed to seeing that the time your child is with us is the greatest and most fun time in their week.


Ignite connects students to the story God has created them for, gathering every week in homes around the city and once a month for Big Night.

Write the Next Chapter of C3 Church

The story of the Gospel grows as we live out our story following Jesus with courage and purpose. As we move into the next chapter of our story together as C3 Church there are a couple primary ways you can help write the next chapter. Join us in the journey.


Christ came to save through serving. We’d love to see you connected and serving at C3 Church.


Generosity grows us. It expands our heart and vision while also building His church. You can give online.


Prayer is a place of agreement. We’d love to agree with you in prayer for whatever you need.


Sharing is caring. Yep, we said it. Share what God is doing in your story and tag it with #c3dfw.

Write The Next Chapter
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