We believe living the full and overflowing life God has created you for centers around three key words — Christ, community, and calling. It’s our desire that you would experience all three in a new way at C3. During our Next Steps courses you will hear more about each one and how it will unite you with this family we call C3 Church. From answering questions about faith and God to learning our vision and culture, we hope to see you equipped with a foundation and empowered for a future in this community.

Next Steps is four week course, that meets every Sunday following our 10:30am service and is intended to be done in order so that each one builds on the last. It happens every month in the same order, so if you miss one you can make it up the next go round. It kicks off every month with our Feels Like Home lunch on the first Sunday, which EVERYONE is invited to, especially those new to C3.

Each class is 30-45 minutes and snacks + drinks will be provided along with childcare.

101 / Welcome Home

On the first Sunday of every month, we share a brief introduction to the History, Vision, and Values of C3 Church all while enjoying a free lunch with some good people.

201 / Essentials

On the second Sunday of each month, we discuss the essential foundations to living a new, courageous life in Christ.

301 / Discovery

On the third Sunday of each month, you discover how you are uniquely created to serve and minister to others in church and community.

401 / Calling

On the fourth Sunday of each month, we learn how to make a difference through sharing your faith and discovering your life mission to impact your community and the world.